Breathing the dirty air 

attempting to filter 

everything i do not want , 

then i find myself coughing ,

as i realize i can not 

take this anymore, 

this bad air, this malaria 

these germs 

and will anyone care 

when like a fish out of water 

i lay struggling to live, 

as if the ocean of life 

had coughed me out 

of its depths 

leaving me to suffer 

shallow puddles?



Life in Israel has  disappointed me ; no one to discuss the meaning of life except once a week in bible study with students of Masters degrees at the university that seem to revive my capacity to think for an hour or two, but otherwise i feel dead brain. At least abroad i used the misundersanding of language as an excuse but back home at my native land, i am surrounded by idiots and it feels like all the pupils in high school who had avoided me and who i had avoided decided to surround me with waves of stupidity i struggle not to drown.  People constantly watching their Mobile phones , chatting , separated from each other and draining their brains.

An ad placed by a Rabbi proclaimed that the mobile phone burns the brain. i would agree if it were not for that particular form of religion not that much better, the sort of non thinking agreeing, chatting, that does not lead to break throughs of deep thinking missing sadly from day to day life in Israel.

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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