He’s here ,he’s there ,he’s everywhere

“Each of us has his own way of emerging from the underworld. Mine is writing. That’s why the only way i can keep going, if at all, is through writing, not through rest or sleep . ”

-Kafka on writing

And i do wish some writers would rest and sleep instead of write a lot of books no one can decipher and are promoted simply by power of good public relations and CONNECTIONS but in the long term they will remain MEANINGLESS words that do not come from the heart and therefore can not enter the heart.


One of the reasons I came back to Israel was that I  had wanted to be a writer  in my native tongue , a language i rarely communited with ,  in an effort to be authentic and real , and so  I was planning to take a writing workshop when I  had happened to stumble upon two Israeli writers promoting their writing workshops.

I inquired at the local public library and sure enough there was one of the writers  was giving a workshop at an affordable price .

The idea of a workshop ,in my mind anyway, was that I would write .

Turns out that the writer had a different idea in mind ;it was all about what HE loved .What he liked to read and sadly it turned out that he could not really write anything anyone can read , a short survey revealed no one could actually get through any of his books, and he did write a lot.

The writer  really liked a particular American writer and Kafka .

While I will be the first one to admit Kafka is a genius ,I had a high school teacher who had worshipped him ,my maternal grandparents had lived across from the woman who had inherited the rights to Kafka’s writing since she was the Secretary and lover of Kafka’s best friend and editor .The one he told to burn all his writing.

The workshop was all about the narcisstic writer .

A familiar voice, very similar to a former boyfriend who had genius IQ that made him talk fast since the words could not catch up with the thoughts came on the news and i recognised the familiar figure of the writer from the workshop .

The writer was on television commenting on British soccer .He was now an expert on soccer too. There was no escaping him in the media just as no one whose opinion i valued had managed to get through one of his books where the language did not flow and appeared to have been translated from another language , maybe English ?

He apparently is very popular with the Israeli media and being the son of an Israeli politician helps since I have to admit after attempting to read his books ;

His books sound as if they are translated ,the language doesn’t flow and not surprisingly it is impossible to feel any character or make any sense of what he writes in his artificial “holier  than thou “arrogant tone.

It is like the story of the  emperor who had hired those trickster cloth makers and at the end walked naked in front of the masses  but  since everyone was afraid to say anything  to the emperor only a small boy dared to defy the fear and screamed out loud , and  there I was , once again, cast in the role of the boy shouting  the emperor  is naked but no one had heard me call..and no one cared and no one asked me what i had thought about English soccer or cats or any matter that had mattered or not..

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