Criticism of transgenders

There are two types of criticsm ; one is constructive and one is destructive . 

I admit to not being aware of the differences while writing my criticism of the transgenders but it was difficult for me to accept as legitimate a destructive operation that results in a YOUNG person, often younger than 30 years old , being made infertile, unable to have children of his or her own, and furthermore suffering constant medical care when initially the physical body of the person was healthy and of NO NEED of operations . 

I invite people who support the transgenders not to be fooled by jolly interviews with celebrities but to view films made of actual surgeries and what they do to the bodies of those people who BELIEVE they are of another gender. 

When a person believes they are a cat or Jesus christ or Donald Trump , they are called delusional yet people who believe they are trapped in the wrong body receive operations and medical care paid by the health insurance. 

The main justification for the series of major operation is that the person seeking the gender change is suicidal and would other wise commit suicide or live a life of misery. 

The quest for happiness is a philosophical question but when harming yourself or others is part of this quest, i seriously question whether health insurance should support this especially when the age of the person seeking the change is young. 

If you wish to criticise the policy of a country or any political opinion you can but criticising the trend of transgenders is  considered facist and Nazi like , i beg to differ!

When we use the phrase “gender change” it is misleading, the gender does not change but what changes is the OUTER appearance of the person, artifical genitalia is created by skilled surgeons in order to make the person undergoing the change happy. 

Having a community that supports them also acts as a buffer zone and a political lobby thus preventing any discussion about the legitimacy of these operations.

Religious groups criticising these operations have done a huge damage to the legitimate medical questioning of these operations making those criticising the transgender operations seem backward and prejudiced which i can reassure many of us are definitely not!

In conclusion, the exposure of the transgender agenda through celebraties like Bruce Jenner -now known as Caytlin or Chaz Bono is dangerous, they create a situation where expressing your opinion about these medical and harmful procedures illegal and thus create a situation where delusional people are encouraged to harm their bodies and live lives of so called happiness in the bosom of a supportive community but also constant medical procedures which is also symptomatic of those who seek constant medical care even when the physical body does not require any medical care, thus creating a life long dependency on medical professions instead of living a life free of taking medicines and undergoing surgeries. 

There is a huge difference between a discrepancy between gender identity and physical body and the action of trying to resemble the desired physical body.

I do believe there is NO difference between transgender operations and any cosmetic operations . The result perhaps looks as though the person has transitioned when in fact the result is a person made 100%  infertile , depended on medication, with a urinary system that needs constant medical attention and a life long need of doctors to repair whatever does not work, and this is more so when a woman seeks to change to a man than the other way around . 

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