What a difference a day makes

Someone is stuck in the 1980’s and decided to play very upbeat tunes during a very warm August early afternoon in the middle east. 

Madonna was claiming to be like a virgin but then “the night belonged to lovers ” in a voice that was different than the queen of the late 1970’seasy listening  Rock n roll.

Strolling in with a very sweet fruit juice i bought at the corner of the street i sat on a comfortable seat and did not purchase the rather expensive coffee i sometimes was forced to consume since this place is open 24 hours a day. I decided to test this self service place where you had to get your coffee and food from the counter and the counter was well hidden from the non smokers and sure enough no one had approached me, i could sit and write without added cost. 

She was on a particular high since i had a job interview to look forward to, a job that would mean breaking the usual mold of school society children parents  , it would be to teach prisoners. Already as my excitement was soaring and  she  felt she  finally could do something that would actually contribute to society at last, after the ministry of Education had rejected  her because of ONE course missing from her  teaching certificate , she  was momentarily distracted as a rather unattractive male with tattoos all over his arms walked in the place, wearing a blue bathing suit and a shirt with floral pattern , he looked like he had escaped prison, there was not one bit of skin with a tattoo and she  did hate tattoos so much, those juvenile symbols of manhood , or so called “courage”, to actually pay someone  supposibly  called an artist to draw absurd ink drawings on your skin , seemed so superficial and so much against the more profound spiritual missions she was on.

Someone played” fine young cannibals ” obviously attempting not to fall asleep after having worked too many hours …pity no one could appreciate just how fanastic they were once upon a time when it was the right time to hear them, when it was an era of being awake and alert and active and not these sleepy mobile phone obsessed zombies who could be seen everywhere seeking words with which to attach themselves to the human race. 

Then the band  “America ” came on bringing with it so many nice memories, Sister golden hair surprise reminded her that life could sometimes offer pleasant surprises too. 

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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