Proselytise Feeling good

I have been very active on Youtube, too active and so i could not help noticing this new trend of transgenders publishing a blog. 

While i do have my reservations regarding transgender issues such as undergoing surgeries etc. i do support the right of EVERYONE to be who they want to be and have the freedom to express their ideas, though they are on the borderline of proselytising …

The transgenders have a set agenda; they describe the process of transitioning, taking male or female hormones, undergoing surgeries; many more for those transitioning from female to male, and a variety of issues, of dealing with a partner etc. 

It seems that there are also some who ask for money, say that they are on benefits though they have first class websites, and i wonder why someone who is able to set up a website can not work..

I am currently having to deal with the stress of seeking employment, i even went to a prison to interview for a teaching position. My ONE incomcomplete course has made my teaching certificate invalid, and so i am forced to seek temporary work at minimum wage, and though the artist in me screams freedom from the education board and their issues, the teacher in me seeking stability and income that allows to purchases basic necessities without  worrying.

I will be ok, i am sure, but i do wonder at the nerve of some of those setting up shop on youtube claiming disability and then setting up amazing websites and running online businesses yet claiming to their country whether England or USA that they are unable to work ..

What i find fascinating is that people who claim they can not deal with the stress of employment and have mental instability , can undergo surgery after surgery, something i doubt i could ever handle , had i had to, even surgery that would save my life, it is a huge stress factor, yet these transgenders claim it is a necessity and put up with pain, complications, follow ups , attend appointments but are UNABLE TO WORK, wow, that seems to me contradictory.

As an artist , i should not judge anyone, but as a person who tries to keep their pride and not to depend on the state for financial support, i find it incredible that people are able to use the system like that. You could say i am ignorant about transgender issues, this is what i have been told, but i think the main issue is that i am incredibly naive about being able to use the system and getting benefits. I dont have a network of like minded people to offer me tips how to use the system since i guess whatever is wrong wit home, using the system is not one issue, i am just frustrated from the lack of network for people with no particular issue, just being odd, and liking to express one self and not being able to fit in that well.

What is your opinion about people using youtube to collect money and empathy and meanwhile shamelessly use the social system to collect benefits?


I dont want to send links, i actually subscribe to one of those transgenders and find him very entertaining but i wonder, why they think they can use the system   claiming to be disabled and then be obviously so able at running a website and collecting money?


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