Dr. Married and mr. Hide -A man with secrets

A man with secrets is never a man to trust and so when details come out of an affair this family man had with another man points to a double life; one that pleases society , a mask to be worn, and another a life he wished to have had, being very different than the persona he wore for the world to see. 

This is in no way an excuse but it just throws light on the sort of man this murder was ;a man with secrets who lived like a rat, hiding in the dark and one the double life proved too much of a burden, he exploded with destructive hostility unable to no longer play the role he played , he could not both please society and himself and then he made the choice to destroy, to kill, to take out all that pent up anger on the most vulnerable innocent victims, the family he had used as a cover up. 

This is a lesson on why it is so important to be real, to be genuine and to live out what you live inside. 


An unnamed man on Tuesday night came forward claiming to have been a former lover of triple-murder suspect Chris Watts, who is accused of killing his pregnant wife, 34-year-old Shan’ann Watts, and their two young daughters in their Frederick, Colorado, home earlier this month.

The man — whose face was not shown — described the purported relationship in an interview on HLN’s Crime & Justice with Ashleigh Banfield.

The man said he was not the co-worker with whom Chris, 33, was allegedly cheating on his wife at the time of the three slayings.

A motive in the murder case has not been confirmed as allegations of Chris’ infidelity draw greater scrutiny. Those who know the Watts family have described a seemingly happy union possibly beset by mounting tension.

“It’s beyond belief, really,” friend Kris Landon told PEOPLE. “And it makes you wonder about other people you know. If this couple who seemed so perfect was like this, what are the other couples like?”

Chris’ alleged ex-lover, whom HLN said had been sought out by their team, said that he and Chris were allegedly in an approximately 10-month relationship after meeting online last June.

They saw each other off and on through the spring, ending things in March or April, the man said.

His story has not yet been independently corroborated by news outlets, including PEOPLE, but his account of an alleged relationship with Chris does contain details about Chris’ life that are not readily available online and in public documents. Identifying information about Chris’ truck and his home matches PEOPLE’s reporting.

A source close the investigation tells PEOPLE that Chris has had relationships with both men and women outside of his marriage.

PEOPLE could not immediately reach the man who spoke to HLN.

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From left: Chris and Shan'ann Watts

From left: Chris and Shan’ann Watts
Shanann Watts/Facebook

While one friend told PEOPLE that Chris appeared to be a selfless father, a friend of Shan’ann’s told ABC News that he had grown distant before his wife was killed: “He wasn’t touching or hugging or doing stuff like that.”

A family friend echoed that, previously telling PEOPLE that Chris and Shan’ann “were having marital problems” before the killings.

Speaking on HLN, Chris’ alleged former lover said that “you never really know someone and you never really know what someone is capable of.”

“The way he [Chris] portrayed himself, as this victim, and the way he just made me feel empathy for him for living this life and living this lie and going through all this … [he] told me that if it were to ever come out [about his sexuality] that he would be shunned and he wouldn’t be allowed to see his girls,” the man said.

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The Watts family

The Watts family

The man contended that Chris had told him he had children but otherwise acted as though he was single. The man said he learned about Chris’ wife in January or February, when Chris brought his daughters along with him on an outing and 4-year-old Bella asked if she could sleep in her parents’ bed that night.

“Sociopaths can easily lead two different lives and feel two different emotions,” the man said, “and he [Chris] could have been telling me what I wanted to hear or what he thought I wanted to hear.”

Chris was arrested on Aug. 15 and has been charged with first-degree murder, among other crimes, in the deaths of his wife and daughters.

They were reported missing on Aug. 13 and their bodies were found on the property of Chris’ former employer Anadarko Petroleum not long after he was taken into custody. Anadarko fired Chris the same day as his arrest.

Under police questioning after investigators revealed they had discovered Chris’ affair with a co-worker — which he had denied — he confessed to killing Shan’ann, according to allegations in an arrest affidavit obtained by PEOPLE. (The affidavit does not further identify Chris’ co-worker.)

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