Bla bla bla Kavenaugh and an added Jewish law perspective

In an emotional  chocked up voice  of a little girl , a blond  middle aged professor of Psychology has decided to make a small incident when she was in fact intoxicated into an issue worthy of national news. 

She drank alcohol and was alone with teenage boys, it is hardly an attack by a criminal or an attack that deserves the attention it got. 

What about all those young women that are being abused severely and what about all those women who are being attacked and raped brutally whose voices are not heard because they are NOT professors of Psychology or privileged white middle class Americans?

I resent the amount of attention this woman has received for telling about an adolescent incident that is nothing compared to the abuse of women in the USA by husbands, boyfriends, family members and strangers that does not receive exposure even close to the explosion of media focused on this blond middle aged drama queen. 

Was she raped ?No

Was she hit or assaulted ?NO

She had  married and had children and has an academic career so how exactly has her life been ruined ?

Perhaps she is a professor of a profession that insists that digging into the past is the answer towards healing but sometimes it just brings up issues that are better forgotten and definitely do not constitute a major issue that should overshadow REAL assults upon anonymous women with no social status or interest to the public all over the nation and in this world. 

Enough is enough .

It is in bad taste to accuse a man of a sexual attack that was not in fact a rape as she admits, taking up media time so badly needed to expose abuse of women whether in domestic violence or real rape as well as child abuse.

How dare she speak in her hysteric child like voice telling of a stupid incident that had happened so many years ago that obviously had not hurt her career and is now helping her acting career as a professional victim.

As a woman i allow myself to suggest that it is menopause that is causing this women to tear up rather than a description of some stupid  inappropriate grabbing as a young teenager ..

Let the real issues surface and real violence against women make the media broadcast their silent voices .

As a definite supporter of the democrats in general, i just truly wish they would think before putting this tearful middle aged wrinkled turtle on stand to give testimony of some teenage gropping that seems a far cry from the sort of abuse TOO MANY women endure in the USA and throughout the world with no one to hear , listen or do anything about . 

It is unfortunate   that Blasey Ford  is not a professor of law that seeks logic and facts and not fantasy and to dig buried memories of teenage intoxication that demand that a middle aged woman  of valor and mother ought to truly   take more personal  responsibility for.

Here is what some Rabbis have to say on the matter according to “The Jerusalem post “today  :

As Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, he will have to answer questions about sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him. In recent weeks, three women have said the judge engaged in inappropriate behavior or assault as a high school or college student.

The allegations have ignited conversations across the political spectrum, from how assault survivors often keep their accusations private out of fear or trauma, to whether people should be held accountable for actions they committed as teenagers, to how the credibility of the allegations is to be assessed.