2018 : The year of the psychopath?

Like many people all over the United States and around the world, i was closely  monitoring the case of Shan’Ann Waats; 

The laughter Chris Waats was unable to hide, a nervous laugh of a child hiding a naughty deed , had turned out to be one of the worse domestic violence homicides in recent times.

The video posted to my words is a well researched documentation of the human tragedy that had held so many of us in suspense , thinking it can not get worse and yet sadly, it did.

It began in the summer and then continued till the trial i and many others watched LIVE thanks to the internet . 

The disturbing details that had come out were the way the mistress, Nichol, had actually pursued Chris Waats, googling his wife, Shan’Ann’s name an entire year before, thus changing this story from a man having an affair to a woman who sought a married man, she also was  into testing sexual limits and seemed to be into testing boundaries, characteristics of a borderline personality disorder; she had no problem lying to the police about the dateline, claiming that the affair had innocently begun in June-July, 2018 , and explained in a froggy voice  how pleased she had been to have discovered that her married  lover was a father   “He was a dad!” , she had exclaimed , pretending to have been surprised when in fact she MUST have known that her lover , the psychopath , Chris Waats was not only married but a father of two very young children but since her hobbies was pursuing  extreme sex, of course family, anyone’s family, couldn’t have been further on her mind…

The mistress’ callous behaviour certainly does not excuse Chris Waats’ behaviour , but there was definitely an interaction that had acted as a catalyser in bringing about the horrific murder of those young toddlers and the wife. 

What could cause a father to murder his own little girls and the wife pregnant with his foetus son ? 

I think that Chris Waats and his mistress were a fatal attraction between a person with a borderline personality who had found a release in sexual contacts with unavailable men and a man with a psychopath personality disorder who did not feel empathy and even had to google “what does it feel to say i love you ?” , the combination of the two people with personality disorders must have ignited a plan to get rid of what Chris Waats and his mistress must have seen as excess baggage and an^obstacle towards fulfilling careless promiscuous sexual contacts . It is not just a case of two people with no ability to feel empathy towards the pregnant woman and the two little girls but a sign of our times, where social media enables people who may be high incompatible to meet , where social media exposes intimate relationships within a family and also for unstable people to spy on the family life of a targeted partner . I think that the internet in 2018 enabled the murder to occur , the constant exposure of the family life enabled the unfeeling father to grow more and more uncomfortable as he felt trapped in a highly emotional family situation for which he lacked emotions but only played a  role  in a game  . 

Chris Waats and his mistress shared a lack of empathy towards others, a lack of regard to other people and certainly a lack of respect for the senctuary of marriage ; for the callous misstress who pretended NOT to have known anything about the wife and children . 

There is a high state of emotions when people with a personality disorder feel as though they are partners in crime and the victims whether murdered or just ignored and abused are always first of all the children so what can we who seek a healthy family life must conclude ? 

The children should always be the priority ,not the partner! Once a parent suspects the other parent is no longer emotionally invested, it is time for the red lights to come on and whether female or male, the children need to be the first priority and not saving any sense of intimacy which is anyway long gone !

If only children become a real priority, no one will get hurt . I am not saying that Shan’Ann Waats, a lovely young wife and mother did anything to have brought about her tragic fate ; Chris Waats and his mistress are to be blamed for the horrific murder of those sweet little girls and lovely young woman HOWEVER if there is anything to be concluded from the drama that had unfolded for millions of curious and concerned folks out there in cyberspeace , it is that once a couple has a child or children, the children must be the first priority , and not fixing the marriage. 

Many young women think that if only they could rekindle the passion and what they assume is love in their marriage, their family life would once again flourish for the benefit of all members of the family however it is important to note that once a man has found himself what is commonly known as a “honey”, then the only concern of the man is finding “the money” to pay for his new found object of passion and there is no way the man will go back to functioning as a family man again. 

One can claim no two families are alike but the patterns are very similar , the man who cheated will not return to the nest and the woman who is struggling with how to repair her marriage must learn to accept that she can’t because once passion comes into play and a woman with a personality disorder , as ONLY a woman with a personality disorder would pursue a married father of young children, there is no way she can win unless she has a personality disorder and can avoid making decisions based on emotions. 

What we can learn from this case is not to date people who are very different than us in terms of emotions, personality and think we can tame them towards being compatible with us , and we should always suspect someone who is very different than us when he or she is seeking a relationship with us; people usually seek like minded people or people that they can manipulate in the case of a personality disorder such as Chris Waats and his mistress.

So in conclusion : birds of a feather flock together or a psychopath bird abuses a non psychopath bird but birds can never  never be  described as psychopaths while human beings are left to deal with personality disorders and explanations for horrific acts of violence , let it be a year of peace and finding good energy within ourselves and others and le your slogan be “Let the buyer beware!”  






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