A flurry of words rather than snow

  • p.s.  I think that coming back here sort of made me confront reality, while in switzerland i was living out some fantasy idea of what life is about.  I have a day off the mad world of refugee school and i am definitely seeking another path. I filled in the papers for a life coaching course since i have one month to get Israel to pay for it.  I think that all in all i seek a simple solution to what life is all about, and keeping it simple is my conclusion .  It is sunny and a bit cold but nothing like the snow in Europe . I just had a relatively long dialogue with my youngest son who seems to think the Israeli army will help him find his way in life.  Switzerland is the mother of Maya for me, it seems so amazing but it was beyond my ability to tolerate the rules of the game that keeps switzerland so seemingly perfect. I will say that i need people who admit they make a mistake every now and then, and imperfection is what i needed and couldn’t find in Switzerland. If i had continued to walk the path i was walking i would have found myself in prison for not paying bills and the many fines for the dog barking . Life just lost its central core for me there though i do miss the beauty and silence and perhaps it was just me not accepting responsibility and admitting it was too much, the language , being a foreigner, feeling always at a risk for breaking a rule or law so i am back in this chaotic world where i am still struggling to find my way but i know the day starts with coffee and dogs and yoga and ends with sunset at the sea   sometimes and maybe i need a limited number of choices in order not to get lost. It looks like i might stay here for a while. the dogs are both an anchor and a weight which does not allow the freedom one dog allowed but it is a choice. Total freedom is just too scary i guess..

    peace, love and light

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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