The mark of the Markles

Blogging on Meghen Markle ; i can not undo the royal family hypocrisy so that they run charities yet they live in luxury and then there is Duchess difficult who reminds me what a huge mistake it is to marry someone have babies and think that this will be more than enough ..of course i did not have servants when i was a stay at home mom, i WAS the servant and my ex husband the prince , able to commute and travel without limit while i was at home with the kids wondering when he will come back and then finally wondering  and hoping when he will go and never come back .

Fortunately my marital life did not end in a murder and we were able to separate somehow not without causing the three children the marriage had produced damage for the rest of their lives ; growing up with feuding parents and domestic violence is not a recipe for a happy life , still they did get a very clear message at the end to be independent and never to trust someone to turn your life around, but try to not rely on others , at least that is the lesson i had learned .

I can not begin to list all the things that make me dislike Meghen but one of them is the way she adopted a rescue dog and dumped him, then the way she treated her father ,i guess it is because animals have always been my salvation and i do wish i had a living father to ignore.

People like Meghen Markle are all glitter and glue but are empty shells who do not bond to others and constantly calculate who to invite ; people who deal with fashion and it is no wonder she starred on a show called “suits”, all she seems to care about is fashion, and tragically she can not seem to get off the color black, dressing like a funeral like the fashion designer Beckham who seems to be depressed because why else would she ignore the rainbow of colors that make up the world?

I think that gossip is a waste of time but i can not avoid but watch the Meghen Markle story unfold and as i stood in London in a souvenir tourist trap stand run by a refugee from Asia, i held a tin for cookies with the images of Meghen Markle and prince Harry and i just couldn’t purchase it , possibly because the salesman was busy in the back and i was about to miss my flight back home but i think it was the image of Meghen smiling a phony smile, and thinking how can an American find the royal family tolerable , the whole idea that someone is destined from birth for a privileged life is something Donald Trump is promoting in America, a sort of ugly capitalism that reduces human beings to constant competition where those who were not fortunate to be born into money must be trampled by the feet of those who have.

Just let it go, i think, those stories of people making money and finding a way to be happy ever after just dont work, it is a huge illusion .

My last thought on the matter is how prince Harry could be so unaware of the ladder he is for Meghen Markel to climb into a society that really really should not matter to anyone born in California, USA whose ancestors were told they were slaves because of their birth place and status.

Anyway, i needed to say this , and now it has been said.

Peace, light and love

and let the royal family deal with Meghen without my help

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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