Jobs nobody wants

Just lately it occured to me like a flash of lightning that I have become somewhat of an expert in the field of jobs nobody ones .

First it was teaching little kids then teaching little kids during the school holidays when most sane and qualified teachers who bothered to complete all the requirements of a teaching certificate actually enjoyed the fruit of their labor and vacationed on places where their mean salaries could last a few days ,well anywhere o utsude the holy land where prices are in sharp contrast to the size of the salaries. ..

This morning I broke an all time record that ought to appear in the 2019 Guinness book of records in seeking jobs nobody wants -the ultimate path to establishing one’s career as a professional loser .

This morning I entered a pretty hospital adorned with plants and a well paid Gardner who keeps the flowers looking bright and full of hope and optimism in sharp contrast to the fate of the department I interiewed for .

“Just ask for the emotionally exhausted “the Russian Secretary adviced me and turn left to the terminal cases ..

“The patients are here at their last station”-spoke the pretty Arab young woman who wore her curls long as a lion’s name,her table seemed to scream “I am young and alive “through the visual aid of scattered along her desk of herself smiling in an all knowing grin of confidence alongside her beloved ,a young masculine middle eastern man with a short black heard and the look of the leader of the band or tribe also known as “hamula”in the Arab world .

Two successful young people seeking to scream “if I can make it HERE (in the mad Zionist occupied land )i can make it everywhere’s up to you …Tel Aviv -Jaffa Tel Aviv -Jaffa-the twin cities United by Jewish ambition not to fall prey to antisemitism and to establish a tiny homeland amidst the metaphoric sea of Arab nations but really a place fleeing refugees nowadays would rather risk drowning at sea than to reside in and definitely not leave Europe to come to .

What am I doing here ?throwing myself at the mercy of a girl who could have easily been my daughter and is as stubborn and unfriendly as a typical daughter testing me from the moment I open my mouth to the last bit of tour at the department where I met the patients desperately trying to hide my look of horror as the boss spoke to an in a wheelchair with one leg then turned to speak to an employee who spoke to me in Russian and asked whether I know the numbers in Russian ?

A game of bingo with large cards was taking place and the excitement was a memory in the very far past, a time no one seemed to remember .

The Russian worker turned to soeak in Russian to a patient while pointing to the patients with serious expressions on their faces .

The salary was Not clear ,the boss said and explained she needed to soeak to the boss above her which to me meant this was the sort of delay that can only mean :very very low pay.

“You can not really get fired from this job unless you gossip ,talk inappropriately to patients’ families or spend your time talking in the mobile phone or promise a full recovery ..

I was told I was Russian despite my attempts to deny a Russian affiliation but for my paternal ancestors who came to the land of Israel as pioneers in the 1880s during which time Jews who emigrated he Russia would hide their Russian identity like a dog burying a bone while digging out a strong affiliation towards anything to do with the middle east ;the evolving modern Hebrew to justify the hard existence as a cultural revolution and a transformation into becoming a new Jew-a super Jew who knew not only no fear but no foreign language except whstvwould be necessary to negotiate land deals and purchase merchandise .

I.left the job interview having made the cardinal sins of job interviews but the very essence of interviewing for jobs nobody wants by becoming the person nobody wants to hire ;appearing and being desparate,talking about oneself excessively and complaining !

Tomoorow is another day!

declared the Scarlet O’here in me as Atlanta ,Georgia was being burned down and the old South was coming down as fast as I could utter one stupid not politically correct phrase after the other .

Doomed! The final curtain closed metaphorically as I let go of my last opportunity of attaining employment in the land of milk,honey and eternal worship of youth .

Update Two days later :

I received news I got the job!

Please tune in to many more posts on the subject of aging death and death .

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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