Fusion food :kosher Matzha-bureka

IsraelI food  meets Balkan food


16 small Matzha burekas-Matzbuks

*4 Matzha

*4 soup spoons white cheese

*4 soup spoons Bulgarian cheese

*2/3 glass grated yellow cheese

*salt pepper

*1 egg

Sesame seeds

Preparation :

1)place matzahas in water for 20 seconds .wrap in a damp towel for 20 to 30 minutes till they are flexible .

2)preheat oven 190°C

3)Place cheese in bowel mix with salt and pepper .

4)Cut every Matzha to 4 squares and brush with beaten egg .place at center of matzha a tea spoon full of cheese mix .fold to a triangle and close the edges tight .

5)Place in baking ,brush with egg and spread sesame seeds.

6)Bake for 15 minutes

Enjoy this new twist of a Passover treat!


You can also make a sweet version of this adding sugar and raisins to white cream cheese without the salty cheese and then you have a Matzha-blinz

Israeli food meets Hungarian food!

Or add olives and tomato sauce and make mini Matzha pizzas

Israel-Italy fusion !

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