Trip to Acre

Towards the end of Passover i finally decided to take a long awaited trip to Acre .

Acre is an ancient port city that had a long history from Greek to Roman to Byzantine to Mamluk to Islam to Ottoman empire them British mandate and finally Israeli rule .

Archaeological research had begun with the British mandate that has exposed the many layers of history through the artifacts discovered and continued under Israeli rule revealing and reconstructing life under the crusaders.

Pope Urban the second urged the believers to go to the holy land during the middle ages ;a voyage that began with massacres of Jewish communities in Europe towards sailing tonthd holy land towards this main port.

The crucades began in Acre and ended in Jerusalem .

The C rucaders had left a beautiful structure of archways and had built a hospital to treat the sick and wounded where meat was served every day except Wednesday abd Friday.

The sugar industry took off as this was an important port between east and west bringing sugar to Europe .

The Crusaders lost the battle to a Moslem leader Salach A Din and the Moslems ruled till the British mandate began after the Ottoman empire lost in WW1.

The British used Acre to imprison Jewish underground fighters and executed nine in the prison that is now a museum .

Acre is a tourist attraction due to its many restaurants and market as well as information center about the history of the crusaders .Acre is also a holy city to the Bahaei religion where they turn to during prayer .The center of the Bahaei religion however is in Haifa well known for the gorgeous floral display and botanical gardens surrounding the temple .

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