Righteous amongst gentiles

20190521_1854591650358803.jpgThis is the story of my children’s great aunt Cornelia from Haarlem Holland who hid Jewish babies during the holocaust .

One baby she pretended was hers and saved from certain death .

After the war baby Nico ‘s parents never returned to get him since they had been deported to a concentration camp and murdered.

Cornelia had adopted baby Nico and made sure he knew of his Jewish roots .

She was ‘ honored at the Yad Vashem holocaust museum and had a tree planted there .

She died the year my oldest child , her great niece was born !

I will visit the tree soon

I asked for the location and i will take a photo of the tree planted in her honor in 1966.

It is important everyone heard of the story of her heroism ,Cornelia Gerhardina Blaauw was a hero and an example for future generations to always light the darkness!

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