The path of the righteous

It was after the divorce from my Dutch husband that his Canadian cousin Paul with whom the children and i maintained contact told me that the family had an aunt who got recognized as a righteous gentile during the holocaust .

To be recognized by the museum of holocaust as a righteous gentile you need to have proven evidence and reliable testimony which is checked thoroughly by a legal commitee in Israel .

The righteous among the nations honored by Yad Vashem are nonjews who took great risks to save Jews during the holocaust .

I attended a meeting introducing a your guide course In Jerusalem when the man in charge spoke about having given a day long tour in the holocaust museum “Yad vashem”

I recalled having heard there is a tree planted in honor of my ex husband’s great aunt and decided to call the museum where a nice man explained to me how to use the search mechanism .

I typed in the family name and several names had appeared but one stood out ,it was the name of my ex wife’s sister and my ex husband ‘s middle name .

Cornelia Gerhardina Blaauw

A nurse in charge of babies was approached by the Dutch underground and asked to hide a Jewish nurse and her 7 year old nephew, she immediately agreed,then there was a young couple who had given her their infant son ,till they return for him .

Dusing the holocaust Jewish babies were brutally murdered hence the need to hide the baby.

Cornelia took the baby , a baby boy called Nico,and when the Germans came to look for suspected Jewish babies she had made up a story that she had given birth to him after she had an affair with a German soldier .

Another baby was also adopted and presented as her twin babies .

After the war ended the baby boy’s parents never came for him since they both were murdered in a concentration camp and so Cornelia and her companion adopted the baby boy raised him,had exposed him to to his Jewish roots and made sure he had contact with other Jewish children in the community .

I asked where the tree in the garden set up for righteous gentile is and was given exact place and will visit the tree soon and take photograph for my children to see.

I wonder why I was never told of this righteous woman throughout the years I was married to her nephew. ..but now that I know of her I will certainly tell my children and other people about this take of heroism and the light in the great darkness !

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