A boy called Samantha

This morning I heard loud meows as I was walking home carrying groceries.

Thanks to some cheese I had a small kitten with large blue eyes had appeared at the top of the tire of a car parked on the sidewalk.

I grabbed it and fortunately for yhe kitten Tel Aviv is always overflowing with trash and so i found a shoe box punched a hole at the side for air and carried the kitten to our veterinarian .

“I am FULL!”she exclaimed .

“Three cats and two ravens ” were currently recuperating ..

The kitten received a shot against fleas and warms and i got to carry it back .
A young woman offered to help ..I promised I would do as the vet  recommended and to release it in the backyard..

It was approximately two months old. .but was it ready to face the cruel world all alone  ?
When I got home I  just couldn’t abandon the kitten to the cruel fate of cars and starvation and cat territorial fights.

“Too late! “my son announced after about one minute with the kitten.

“We bonded ”

What shall we name the cat?

I thought Bibbi or Benny ,under the current political climate ,it was a fiesty cat who insisted to sit at the top like Bibi Nethanyahu .

My son said “Samantha ”

Ok,i said ,but I think it is a boy..

Cats don’t really have gender issues ..

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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