Dreaming of saudia Arabia

Last night I dreamed I called my mother and she was in Saudia then I called my sister and she was with her with my sister in law’s family .

I asked how saudia was and was told it was good .

They were all shopping .

Interpretation ;

Saudia is off limits to Jews and is a place of great wealth .

I think it was a familiar situation where my mother had lived a very high life style jet setters lifestyle travelling to my sister and shopping and always attending wealthy people’s spas and I always felt left out .

I felt helpless to change anything but always felt it was wrong she used my father’s money and spent it on mostly herself and my siblings and I always felt like Cinderella though she did pay for my education ,i felt left out maybe because I had to defend my need to buy books and not fancy clothes.

I had lived in a wealthy country but it always seemed beyond my means .

I think this dream meant I was always in another category and perhaps this explains why I always felt like an outsider both in the family and in Israel -everyone always seems to be living a different lifestyle .

Ib dreams one needs to pay attention to one’s emotions :I felt like an outsider ,a but envious but mostly just an outsider m

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