Facing facebook

Yesterday I rebooted my Facebook account and decided to gather my lost sheep :my old connections .

Facebook means facing the past and so i received a list of old Facebook friends and wrote them only to have discovered to my great horror that my family rejected me ;we are in a dispute after my siblings had emptied our mother’s bank account and so i am left with my ex husbabd’s cousin ,a kind man in a wheelchair who helped bring up the information that my ex husband’s great aunt saved Jewish babies during the holocaust .

I decided to be open minded and sent an invitation even to my ex husband and to a friend who turned her very wealthy back to me.

It was difficult to see the wealthy people living a wealthy lifestyle ;their children without any financial burdens in photos with shopping bags and travelling to beautiful destinations which is why Facebook is said to cause depression .

Having said that I have my doubts whether many of those on Facebook whether friends or relatives really have true connection where they are able to tell a person what they truly think of them

An old “friebd”disconnected from me after I had complained her husband screams obscenities at his son.

Yes they are wealthy beyond imagination ,they make their money from mining in third world countries then they want through the stage of becoming religious purchasing a rabbi and promoting the sterotyoe of the rich selfish jew.

I recall my life in Switzerland ,a country with breathtaking guess but so many fake and phony connections .

My family never visited me during the years I had lived in Switzerland, my brother preferred to go on expensive organized trips to Paris,Amsterdam ,Belgium,and the women I considered friends also avoided visiting me .

I realize now that you can’t have real friends till you truly accept yourself and looking back I had ZERO in c’mon with my family ;they were wealthy I was not ,they sought status,i sought art and literature and history.

I think looking back that I really wanted to fit in a family I had nothing in common with ,while they stole my mother’s money and jewelry because money meant so much for them or my aunts travelling the world and investing money in various financial plans I remained simple minded ,happy with second hand books ,second hand clothing shops ,shelter dogs in contrast to their pedigree Shi tsus .

They were in love with theur wealth that bought them beautiful views from the top of the mountain while I wanted to dive deep .

I realize that I was in a losing game having arrived in a wealthy country thinking that wealthy people are like everyone else but they are certainly not !

Wealthy people share the same” values”everywhere else ,they will have a beautiful chalet in the mountains where they will host their best friends and sometimes “buy”a professor of rabbi as a show piece but unless they need you or share the same socio economic status they will not seek your comosjt or to befriend you on Facebook .

Are wealthy people happier ?statistics clearly say no .

The Swiss have one of the highest suicide rates in the world ,second only to war torn alcoholic Ukraine .

Why are wealthy people seemingly on the surface enjoying the best of the best so miserable ?

I think it is like the whole idea of facebook -it is a fake two dimentional represebtatiin of fake friends .

What is a real friend ?

Someone who accepts you as you are and unfortunately wealthy people seem to worry about fitting in, looking like a certain way and satisfying a particular dress code.

Sure they will you around with you as an exotic addition to their collection but at the end of the day they are sharks and don’t live in peace with gold fish .

Oscar Wilde had said that society will live well with criminals but not with dreamers.

Facebook is a part of fake phony American culture that sizes uo your bank account before letting you in theur inner circle .

If you want to die of boredom go to Switzerland where no one will talk to you meaningful talks ,they hide behind iron gates and after a while the squirrels and the trees seem to speak .

Switzerland is a golden cage where wealthy people worry about maintaining their socio economic status as if that is what makes the world turn but as it turns out it doesnt.

I want in my heritage and thought of how my wealthy relatives turned their boring snobish backs on me and I had realized how lucky I am never to have to worry about maintaing a particular status because frankly I don’t care .I just need enough cat food and for food for my real friends .

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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