Samuel B. Cat-obsession

So last night I managed to get away from the sharp little white teeth and went swimming at the sea.

As I was on my way home a small tiger striped kitten hopped on a familiar way and i stopped and had to make sure that kitten wasn’t my two months old kitten Samuel B.Cat named after the writer of absurd drama .

It was past sunset and the cats gathered to feed on the generosity of cat feeders ,those selfless souls who leave cat food at stretgical points wherever cats gather ..

On the one hand cats have ideal conditions in Tel Aviv ,Israel :week weather guarantees plenty of wildlife and birds they can hunt but the city also offers bike riders and cars and human beings invading their living space.

Samuel B. Cat has a small sweet face social psychology researchers claim is the most attractive for human beings ;large eyes ,a tiny nose and a small smilmg mouth .

I watch Samuel B. Cat and i see a tiger burning bright ,evolution left the domesticated version with smaller teeth forunately but also with the same features as the tiger that walk a restless back and forth in his cage .

Is the dimesticated cat free?

My answer ;

Like mankind ,we are born free but live in the cages of society along with our animal friends .

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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