Wild horses

The wild horses

rage in your mind

racing to nowhere

in particular


We’ll get there



Last night I received photos from a visit, a meeting by the sea..photos that were sent as a message ..

This morning i came across a woman riding a bike with a cup of coffee in one hand .

“All you are missing is a mobile phone in the other hand ”

I had muttered under my breath which served as a match to ignite a fire .

“Excuse me for living “said the woman playing the victim

Riding a bike on a narrow sidewalk where elderly people walk their dogs where young children walk to summer camp where mothers push babies in buggies etc etc

Is it safe to ride a bike with one hand while the other holds a cup of coffee?

Nothing is safe !the behavior of Israelis seem to scream .

I watch with horror a young mother take her young 4 year old daughter on narrow tortinette in a busy road full of fast driving cars and the small family dog is tucked between her legs !

I watch a man let two large shepherd dogs chase his bike on a busy street and the list goes on and on ..

Wild horses seem to gallop the street I Tel Aviv or maybe it is indifference .

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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