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ROOTS Ukranian style

A Ukranian audience sits , women are shocked upon hearing a Ukranian woman admit to killing for the Israeli Defense army, also children in a T.V. show that is not only fake news but has a deeper layer when one … Continue reading

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And we all

And we all end up in the same place, Whether kind or cruel, Whether successful or less than; The place of loss. Why pretend there is a victory When at the end Beyond the finish line there is a loss … Continue reading

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Compassion 101:Towards the end

“Speciesism:the ideology considering that the lives and interests of animals can be overlooked simply because they are of another species. A century ago it was thought that the animals cannot suffer. Today not only  is it well known by all … Continue reading

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Talking to a spanish lady

The other night i had an interesting talk with a friendly sort of person from Spain. “Maria”,she said, And i thought to myself “Maria.I just met a girl called Maria” Not the sort you meet as a romantic encounter from … Continue reading

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Matzha brei

Matzha ball soup (Kneidalach) Matzha brei Passover is just not Passover Without some foods With Yiddish Germanic sounding words.

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