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one day she locked the door to paradise,  and i ,  i was sent to exile,  one day , she bought me a one way ticket,  and she sold  me to the strangers whose words i could not understand , … Continue reading

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Gas lighting exposed

    Imagine that a truck runs over you and you are told it was just your imagination , imagine that someone throws a shoe at you and you are told you made it up,  Imagine that a judge in a … Continue reading

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What is it that makes me angry ? not being understood not being accepted rejected and what makes me happy? to be able to choose not to be   prose : As a child dependent on parents to take me … Continue reading

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Say thank you ,please.

It was a dark cold Autumn night,two minutes to closing time i enter the Swiss cheap supermarket in search of cheese and fruit. The lady at the checkout rushed to me informing the shop is about to close,at the cheese … Continue reading

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Hello, Royal Dutch , are you there ?

One day, during the days there used to telephone ringing,  the telephone rang. Brrr brrr R.D.E*: “Hello, this is the royal Dutch embassy calling” Me: Hello, yes. R.D.E.: We are calling because we have a request for  Dutch Identity cards and … Continue reading

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Watch “Young Girl – Gary Puckett And The Union Gap” on YouTube

Advice to Young girls And those who think like young girls; Dear girls, cake crumbs are still cake crumbs Do not wait for crumbs to be a cake. Life is too short For that mistake. Do not wait. The frog … Continue reading

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Sleepless in front of the Republican convention

It is considered normal to avoid suffering therefore i watched only one speech made by former  mayor Guilliani on behalf of Donald Trump; In a nut shell : Donald Trump is righteous man acting in hidden ways to help others … Continue reading

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