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Good morning world!

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Dogs in winter:Lets shelter them from the storms!

The dog seems the very clone of my  own dog,  However my dog  is beneath a blanket while this dog who looks so much like her  is freezing !!! The little shivering dog is standing next to a  man dressed … Continue reading

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Two-Legged Chihuahua and Fluffy Chicken Are the Best Best Friends EVER Someone told me today to think of three positive things just before i go to sleep so they can appear in my dreams and sweeten my sleep, now all i need is one more…

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Watch “2016 European Championships. Men – SP. Alexei BYCHENKO” on YouTube

beauty alone matters

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Watch “Alexei BYCHENKO FS 2016 European Champs” on YouTube

The way he falls and gets up again, the way he moves to “Les miserables” moved me beyond words. Can anyone move more gracefully? a swan from my lake.

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