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Watch “President Obama awards 2016 Arts and Humanities medals” on YouTube

America is great already. The achievements are beyond wonderful. Most of those honored achievements were through written words; Louis Glück’s poetry, Philip Glass often enigmatic music,who can forget”the hours”sound track? James Macbride a gifted storyteller of the history of African … Continue reading

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The psychology of the piss process

“One the couch”-ofer Grosbard The psychology of the peace process ( published 2003)  Your ideas about pursuing peace in the Middle East are interesting. I salute you for devoting your time, talents, and energy to help bring peace to the … Continue reading

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Iza’s ballad

“Iza’s ballad”by Magda Szabo. Translated from Hungarian. “Up in the castle chamber torches blaze and glow laments resound and echo through the house below. In the middle of the chamber raised high up on her bier a lovely virgin bride … Continue reading

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Man Booker Prize Shortlist Is Announced – Book worms prepare for fresh feeding. Deborah Levy-I have read “swimming home”-very unusual and thought provoking. Posted from WordPress for Android

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Watch “Irshad Manji and Bill Maher Debate France’s Burqa Ban” on YouTube

she insists this is not Islam, yes, this is not knot, but what did she ever do to deserbe this fate this way of life, the woman, the goat, the master of the house? when i think of God he … Continue reading

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Twenty two! part one

Sick in bed , a perfect time to activate the mind as the body slows down and options of escaping are very few, no more swimming in the ice cold lake of zurich, no more staying up late listening to street … Continue reading

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All fall down

“Vera said: “Why do you feel you have to turn everything into a story?” so i told her why : Because if i tell the story, i control the version. Because if i tell the story, i can make you laugh, … Continue reading

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