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Monologue of a mourning widow

Contrast the following monologue of a grieving widow to the celebration and handing out of candy in Gaza after a father of four  is shot dead while driving over three young women and a young man in their early 20’s intending to murder … Continue reading

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If only i could

I thought i would go visit  my mother  in the cemetery , to caress the cold stone of her grave,  but then the hours passed and the time went by and i did not go, but then i walked down the … Continue reading

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Watch “Yentl – Papa Can you Hear Me?” on YouTube

The trees are so much taller.. Beautiful prayer-song Posted from WordPress for Android

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i’m leaving the table

I’m out of the game I don’t know the people In your picture frame If I ever loved you or no, no It’s a crying shame if I ever loved you If I knew your name You don’t need a … Continue reading

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Autumn is

“Autumn is the spring of death” some Sheep waiting to be sheared, Then some other night sheep waiting to be slaughtered, cows coming home to their lord from the fields of green pasture where we will some day lay too … Continue reading

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What’a what:thoughts about thoughts

“But in fact,the brain is like any other organ in the body;the brain like the heart,needs care and feeding too. People should address small problems in the brain’s functioning before they become large problems… while for many years professionals drews … Continue reading

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What does Judaism have to say about death? — The JPost As Robert Frost did say one thing he is sure about life is that it does go on. Kafka said in a bit more morose  tone “The meaning if life is that it ends.” personally i prefer the mystic … Continue reading

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