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The lifesaver

Imagine this : Standing on a ship  throwing someone rope only to have discovered  once the drowned climbs aboard, you know, they pull you down  to the depths  of the ocean below .     Rescuer Syndrome Rescuer Syndrome – … Continue reading

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What is depression?

I once read a saying “Before you decide you feel depressed,ask yourself whether you are not spending too much time with assholes” Please excuse the rude term but i wonder,how depression comes about from environmental factors; -Lack of ability to … Continue reading

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What’a what:thoughts about thoughts

“But in fact,the brain is like any other organ in the body;the brain like the heart,needs care and feeding too. People should address small problems in the brain’s functioning before they become large problems… while for many years professionals drews … Continue reading

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Watch “French Buddhist Monk Matthieu Ricard” on YouTube

Rules for Happiness? Number one would be not to compare one self with others but then again why then should we compare to the life of a French monk? It has been  said it already thousands of years ago “who … Continue reading

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Watch “Swami Niranjanananda on “How You control the Mind ?”” on YouTube

Sharing this wonderful teacher! Posted from WordPress for Android

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Watch “Depression: The Object Relations View (part 11 of mini-video series)” on YouTube

Therapy can be a release but sadly ,excuse the pun,it seems to me mostly a release of money by therapists who do not have the best interest of the patient or client. Releasing pent up emotions can also take place … Continue reading

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Watch “Can humour get you through depression?” on YouTube

Mindfulness in oxford? is that a joke? Posted from WordPress for Android

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Watch “How much was Ruby Wax’s depression caused by her parents?” on YouTube

facinating escape on skiis! Maybe this is why there are so many jewish comedians and those who are not jewish share a common bipolar disease. Genetics+Environment=disaster! But isn’t it good to laugh talk and realize?Face it Posted from WordPress for … Continue reading

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Watch “Stephen Fry – The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive Part 1” on YouTube

with an odd face and an amazibg honesty Stephan Fry says: most of the world’s inventions and creativity have been the result of an unusual mind. Embracing the weird and the insane as worthy! A  wonderful man i for one … Continue reading

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Watch “Ruby Wax and Dr Robert Lefever discuss depression and treatment on BBC World News” on YouTube

while i admire Ruby wax’s spunk seems to me she is very disrespectful of  hearing other opinions or even listening to other opinions on the matter,she did not seem to be listening to what the doctor was saying! The doctor … Continue reading

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