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we lie

Dedicated to Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt on their divorce. We lie to eachother, we lie, we think it’s to each other but it is to ourselves, we tell each other it is alright, it doesn’t hurt, we place barriers … Continue reading

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Watch “Fareed’s Zakaria: Trump is a B.S. artist” on YouTube

very good intelligent analysis of a not very good nor intelligent man. He reminds me of someone i used to be married to who also had a complicated relationship with the truth but mostly accountability to offer it to others … Continue reading

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“Schroder”-a novel about identity and fate

“Schroder-a novel by Amity Gaige” “Then tell her this,please:ich liebe Dich und werde Dich immer lieben.And tell her,also:Danke.Es was meine schönste zeit.ok?please tell her that.” (Translation:”I love you and i will always love you.Thank you.This was the most beautiful time”) … Continue reading

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