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Watch “אני שוב מתאהב-i fall in love again” on YouTube

  אני שוב מתאהב גידי גוב מילים: יונה וולך     words by Yona Wallach לחן: צוף פילוסוף lyrics : tzuf philosoph אני שוב מתאהב      i fall in love again משחק עם הלב        playing with … Continue reading

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a prayer song

and then the acorn seeks to grow  somehow and turns to what it believes to know, created everything even the doubts in everything we know.

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kristalnacht -why we can not tolerate intolerance

        They lined them up  and they smashed the vatrine windows  of the shops , some of those they did not kill, chose to jump off the ledge  and they made them pay for the damage .   … Continue reading

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More than a woman to be

Congradulations to Hillary Rodham Clinton on being the first Woman president of the United States! yes, she made mistakes , more than her share, she says she married someone who did not appreciate what it means to be a woman … Continue reading

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It should not have gone so far

“there is no angel without a past or a sinner without hope.” They are intelligent and educated and yet look at all the ties and jackets in every international meeting of world leaders . where are the women leaders? why … Continue reading

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