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Exodus: fact and fiction

Anyone interested in the difference between Hollywood version and the documentary of the voyage of the ship “Exodus” can view a documentary but i think that this Hollywood film was able to express the despair of those on board the … Continue reading

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Opinion: Why I, an Israeli Jew Who Lost Family in Auschwitz, Assimilated had this article to offer paying subscribers..however since i was not a paying subscriber i decided to use the provacative title to trigger thoughts about the topic since i was after all, an Israeli jew who lost family in … Continue reading

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Today i  had noticed two women walking holding hands  and i was wondering whether they were just friends  i walked near and saw they were both of similar age,  and i thought to myself how lucky they were  to be in … Continue reading

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wiener dog-not a winner

There were many jokes about weiner-Anthony wiener etc. This film by Todd Solondz kept me at the edge of my seat in constant suspense,it was described as a comedy but i can say it encomposses everything that is America.. The … Continue reading

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Last night in German without subtitles

“She is an Israeli” declared the producer  of the German director/ writer Doris Dörrie , “I can tell by the way you pronounce R”, he said.  Doris Dorrie,had just received a lot of compliments  from me, seemed overwhelmed  and her face … Continue reading

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Watch “Make you feel my love -watercolor cover” on YouTube

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The Joy of Sabine Spielrein

A rainy night, recovering from the results of the  latest  battle for American president and it could be a first woman president, and so it is as good a time as ever to watch a film about a pioneer woman … Continue reading

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