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Defending the rights of {Christ mess }trees

Everyone can find bits of them selves in the archetypes of that cult  t.v. show  “Friends”  Naturally i  found Phoebe as my archetype  ;  her defense of helpless christmas  trees is actually not as  funny as it sounds; Besides the dire problem … Continue reading

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Fourth Chanuka candle for Leonard Cohen

A tribute to my beloved composer/poet/singer/ rabbi Leonard Cohen The first Chanuka on earth without him…i sang this song for the first time with Eileen the Harp lady on Ben Yehuda street in Jerusalem, and the last i had heard … Continue reading

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Opinion: Why I, an Israeli Jew Who Lost Family in Auschwitz, Assimilated had this article to offer paying subscribers..however since i was not a paying subscriber i decided to use the provacative title to trigger thoughts about the topic since i was after all, an Israeli jew who lost family in … Continue reading

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an almost all inclusive holiday online card to all celebrating in cyberland online

  and here is some dark humour for Ivanka Trump  and for all those Donald Trump supporters : And for all those who have been bad this year and for those who celebrate Chanuka  and an addition To the extremists there … Continue reading

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They say there is a land

I think the UN resolution condemning Israel, the only democracy in the middle east and region, should include a map of the middle east, so that the nations of the world supporting a condemnation of the only Jewish and  democratic state should take … Continue reading

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shining too

Thank you, Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz!   Despite his debilitating disease, the Rabbi writes a blog every week using his eyes and computer technology to spread the light of learning, The Rabbi’s  family had  found the song he had recorded on … Continue reading

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Rabbi Yitzi’s blog TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2016 Rivka Part II: Mother Of Israel”In parshas Toldos, we read about Rivka’s difficulty becoming pregnant, her pregnancy, birthing twins, her effort to make sure that her good son, Yaakov, got Yitzchak’s blessings, her … Continue reading

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Disfunctional- defined lived and grieved

I was thinking what i learned most about having lived within my particular family and it was difunctional , it meant that whatever you feel is never accepted or varified or understood, and years of practice makes you a real expert on … Continue reading

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a comment about Christmas

BERLIN — A truck driver plowed into a Christmas market late Monday in central Berlin, killing nine people and injuring several others, in what the police said they believed was an attack. Breaking News Alerts Sign up to receive an … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving – Wednesday Addams way

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating  And here is a wonderful scene that expresses my sentiments  concerning society, the summer camp the Addams children were forced to attend;  The white wonderbread Trump children versus the minorities  and where would America be without its … Continue reading

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