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A Russian wind

רוח מבדרת הגבעטרון מילים: שמואל בונים לחן: עממי רוח מבדרת שובל שימלתה ילדתי ברחוב עוברת, ששתי לקראתה הי עימדי, עימדי, עימדי נא, את יפת עיניים בואי ואחזה בך את יפה שלי. שתיים רק אהבתי ראו נא איזה פלא ומהן לא … Continue reading

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I’ve got a name

It seems just the other day when i could pack the dog in a bag and some sandwiches and hop on a train and  head towards a beautiful place in nature and walk and i am a city mouse sadly   for every life … Continue reading

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Getting close to your soul through song

Loretta lives in Pig’s hole Tennessee, she is a MTF JTR, those letters that mean so much more than a B.A., M.A.,phD. just letters and then there is the distance between people of different genders, countries, ethnic origins, cultures and there come … Continue reading

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Looking back with joni Mitchel

sitting by the sea watching people exercise thinking of the forest where people passed me by they still do they still don’t see me watching them seeking something I dont want till it’s gone

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Going forward

what is the importance of a day? Words by Uzi Chitman Melody by Avi Tolandano with a twist by the dogs and I   This song is about moving forward and not looking back , something dogs can teach us! … Continue reading

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Watch “Dont ask if i love only you -translation of a song by Amos Kollak” on YouTube

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Singing in the shuk

Israeli iconic singer singing in the shuk hacarmel with seagull singing along loudly ..

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