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needing inspiration

This morning finding this quote made me aware of how Hindu thought and the yoga teachings go together with the core of Judaic thought; there is no contradiction.  Yoga practice is placing the two dualities to be as one; body and … Continue reading

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Fourth Chanuka candle for Leonard Cohen

A tribute to my beloved composer/poet/singer/ rabbi Leonard Cohen The first Chanuka on earth without him…i sang this song for the first time with Eileen the Harp lady on Ben Yehuda street in Jerusalem, and the last i had heard … Continue reading

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They say there is a land

I think the UN resolution condemning Israel, the only democracy in the middle east and region, should include a map of the middle east, so that the nations of the world supporting a condemnation of the only Jewish and  democratic state should take … Continue reading

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unable able; thoughts for a new era

After my  gmail account remains inaccessible and my contacts list as well, i have found a silver lining; i have lost my google plus account which kept me busy at least one hour a day, now i have to find a … Continue reading

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Watch “יש לי סימפטיה – שלמה גרוניך (קליפ רשמי) / Shlomo Gronich” on YouTube

This song says a lot about Tel Aviv “I have empathy for people who despair in Tel Aviv. Noise of buses..etc.” The song describes Tel Aviv The music writren by zany Shlomo Gronich in the 1980’s Since then Tel Aviv … Continue reading

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Watch “Abraham Hicks – Trump Has No Power Or Influence Over You” on YouTube

Last week we attended a lecture on the law of attraction and how our thoughts program a reality. Here is one great example how one man with the help of a rigged system had managed to reach the highest office … Continue reading

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Watch “Carly Simon – In Honor Of You, George (Gershwin) – Clip” on YouTube

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