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shine a little light

WASHINGTON – Civil liberties and political freedoms are under threat worldwide and have been rolled back in the world’s founding democracies, Freedom House declared on Wednesday in its annual report. Israel remains the only free country in the Middle East, … Continue reading

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ally also affected

  The Israeli broadcasting system has announced that Israelis will also be affected because of work visas H1  for specialists which will be limited and not permitted for those Israelis who want to be involved in Hitech. so much for … Continue reading

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Why diversity Donald trump way sometimes does not work

Some TED talks are plain untrue  This couple made up of the same ethnic group of Ashkenazi Jewish super achievers is preaching for diversity after living in Switzerland ? Well, what might work for  google work groups, does not really work for … Continue reading

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why i am not moving to Germany …

Germany’s highest court found no legal grounds to ban the far-right extremist National Democratic Party of Germany. The long-awaited decision announced Tuesday was met with disappointment from Jewish leaders in Germany and abroad. It marks the second time that the Federal … Continue reading

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an almost all inclusive holiday online card to all celebrating in cyberland online

  and here is some dark humour for Ivanka Trump  and for all those Donald Trump supporters : And for all those who have been bad this year and for those who celebrate Chanuka  and an addition To the extremists there … Continue reading

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They say there is a land

I think the UN resolution condemning Israel, the only democracy in the middle east and region, should include a map of the middle east, so that the nations of the world supporting a condemnation of the only Jewish and  democratic state should take … Continue reading

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kristalnacht -why we can not tolerate intolerance

        They lined them up  and they smashed the vatrine windows  of the shops , some of those they did not kill, chose to jump off the ledge  and they made them pay for the damage .   … Continue reading

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