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When Assad the Psycho is elected for the UN human rights committee, what can you expect?

U.S. Pulls Out of UNESCO, Citing Anti-Israel Bias  The U.S. decision to pull out of UNESCO followed failed efforts to reform the agency, said UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer in an interview on i24News TV. While UNESCO’s mission to … Continue reading

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Ephraim Kishon , the famous satirical writer, tells about life in Hungary and  how he was saved during the holocaust during a program about his life.  First of all he felt Hungarian , won prizes in school for writing, and was surprised … Continue reading

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The face of the New Old Germany

worries over a Terror organization targeting the Jewish state will most probably be overlooked as hysteria however it was not so long ago that the German people had voted for a fascist party through democratic elections leading to the loss of 30% … Continue reading

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Ignorance is not bliss

Having Recently  read an ignorant opinion based on propaganda claiming Hezbollah is some partisan like army of the people for the people and largely misunderstood, i felt the need to bring forth the following article that explains what this Iranian backed organization with the goal … Continue reading

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shine a little light

WASHINGTON – Civil liberties and political freedoms are under threat worldwide and have been rolled back in the world’s founding democracies, Freedom House declared on Wednesday in its annual report. Israel remains the only free country in the Middle East, … Continue reading

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ally also affected

  The Israeli broadcasting system has announced that Israelis will also be affected because of work visas H1  for specialists which will be limited and not permitted for those Israelis who want to be involved in Hitech. so much for … Continue reading

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Why diversity Donald trump way sometimes does not work

Some TED talks are plain untrue  This couple made up of the same ethnic group of Ashkenazi Jewish super achievers is preaching for diversity after living in Switzerland ? Well, what might work for  google work groups, does not really work for … Continue reading

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