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Watch “יצחק קלפטר – נפגשנו” on YouTube

מילים לשירים ואקורדים של יצחק קלפטר Translated from Hebrew to English by Seagull L.  נפגשנו יצחק קלפטר מילים ולחן: יצחק קלפטר נפגשנו, שמש פנתה לים   we met, the sun set in the sea השמיים צבע אותם אמן    the … Continue reading

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There is love in me

“There is love in me”    lyrics and melody: Arkadi Duchin אריק איינשטיין מילים ולחן: ארקדי דוכין Translated from Hebrew by seagullsea בין האפל לנסתר                          Between the dark … Continue reading

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Light or dark:What to focus on ?

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr. The question on how to overcome the darkness within and the darkness surrounding us has been … Continue reading

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Rabbi Yitzi’s blog TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2016 Rivka Part II: Mother Of Israel”In parshas Toldos, we read about Rivka’s difficulty becoming pregnant, her pregnancy, birthing twins, her effort to make sure that her good son, Yaakov, got Yitzchak’s blessings, her … Continue reading

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Watch “The Eagles ~ I wish you peace ~ with lyrics” on YouTube

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Watch “Rabbi Benzion Klatzko: Can Jews Missionize to the Gentile?” on YouTube

Words glossary: Hashem-The name-G-d ‘s name in Jewish sources and conversations. Chesed-grace Goy-nonjew Yid-jew(not always a nice term.) Moshe rabenu-Moses our teacher Chocham-wisemam or elder Maarat hamichpala-the cave where the Abrahamic fathers and mothers are buried in Hevron. Kiddush hashem-blessing … Continue reading

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Watch “What is Love by Swami Niranjanananda” on YouTube

It takes a wise person to be able to take a complex concept and explain it in simple words,he does not make the concept appear simple but is able to see through the complexity to the heart of the matter. … Continue reading

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