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moving diary; waiting waiting waiting

This morning i got up  i realised that Hillel was right  “If not for me , who is? but if only for me, what have i ?” I am waiting for the Kurdish cavalier to come and save me,  and move … Continue reading

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because i cared

people were too busy eating dinner Iris, the local schizophrenic with a small papillon called Tom boy  stops to say hello but when she hears that i am unhappy with life  she quickly makes an excuse that she has to feed her … Continue reading

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The past is not our future

My father had a poster in his office of a ceramic vase with the caption  “our past is where our future is” He used to travel throughout the US, talking about Israel and bringing people  and resources to Israel.  It … Continue reading

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Everything has already been said

by Arkadi Duchin נאמר כבר הכל                 everything has already been said  אין לי מה להוסיף לזה        i have nothing to add to that  פשוט לא יכול         … Continue reading

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A Russian joke

There is a  Russian joke told about a rebelious parrot who speaks out against Stalin,and the KGB comes looking for him ,so his owner hides him in the fridge. The KGB opens the fridge door and they find the parrot … Continue reading

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i’m leaving the table

I’m out of the game I don’t know the people In your picture frame If I ever loved you or no, no It’s a crying shame if I ever loved you If I knew your name You don’t need a … Continue reading

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Desperately seeking attention

“I’m depressed and everyone has rejected me” was the point at which i figured out that besides being a member of a cult like christian brain washing church that finds yoga is a sin, the woman i thought would be … Continue reading

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