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moving diary

My black boots are now waiting for a new home in Germany  left on the street  on a dark badly lit  night, walking in non leather brown  having packed three boxes of books  and various fabrics ; table cloth for the non … Continue reading

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moving diary

moving diary dear diary,  i got rid of the exercise bike i had found. In fact i had found many objects throughout my seven years of having lived in this apartment, and purchased more, here a picture, there a book, … Continue reading

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Moving: Books

last night i noticed i have books  so many books  and it is difficult to let them go  i know  knowledge is not within the pages of a book  but a way of seeing, the way you look  at a … Continue reading

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words to a daughter for later in life

words for my daughter on her 20th birthday The swiss doctor i had visited today after two weeks of flu and coughing ,  had asked me whether i sleep enough, and i admitted i did not, confessing i was watching … Continue reading

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Jewish matters: why jews matter

“If not for myself, who is and if only for myself, what have i? ” -Rabbi Hillel While de cluttering  up my place  of the many books , i found one little book that contained some insights into what makes … Continue reading

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my depression-an analytical poem and prose

this learned helplessness this kafkaian beetle struggling with a Beatle song for so long. This dark dog hiding from the sun that hides from the sun I used to draw at sunrise has now become sunset. unique not unique national … Continue reading

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The move:step 1

Evaluation; Lots of clutter Lots of paper work to go through And how to squeeze four rooms to two? One really As the one room will be A yoga studio. Last night letting go an Ikea chair, Now slowly one … Continue reading

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