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Defending the rights of {Christ mess }trees

Everyone can find bits of them selves in the archetypes of that cult  t.v. show  “Friends”  Naturally i  found Phoebe as my archetype  ;  her defense of helpless christmas  trees is actually not as  funny as it sounds; Besides the dire problem … Continue reading

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In the defense of trees

Hearing about the trees burning in Israel, i felt the trees need someone to speak for them, to defend them against those who think that trees are also legitimate targets in a war of hate over land and so in their … Continue reading

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Fennec Foxes Have Secret Babies at Israeli Safari Park – Israel News – Mazal tov-congradulations to louie and Penny -the desert foxes-may they be fruitful and multiply!and may they be safe from hunters! Posted from WordPress for Android

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Jews join Native Americans in pipeline protest — The JPost Let the native Americans be finally respected and honored. Lets hope President Obama will leave a legacy of action towards respecting the keepers of nature and respect for mother nature. “The earth is our mother We must take care … Continue reading

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Watch “Before the Flood – Full Movie | National Geographic” on YouTube

Well worth watching and becoming aware of:the planet we all share is in danger. Posted from WordPress for Android

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How Israel is saving the honeybees — The JPost Good news from the middle east. It might not be safe for people but bees are thriving! I just visited a honey bee learning center and i never fail to be amazed by the interesting community life bees lead. … Continue reading

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an open letter to all those women

An open letter to all those women who bring crying babies to  places where i go to write.  I don’t know whether the baby cries before you come in for your latte or after but just stay home, watch Sesame street … Continue reading

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Daily Patanjali Yoga sutras :Day three

“Misapprehension leads to errors in comprehension of the character,origin and effects of the objects perceived” What at one time may appear to be beneficial may turn out to be a problem at a later stagr. What we seek as a … Continue reading

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“The earth”-translated

A poem by the poet Nathan Yonathan. Translated from Hebrew  by Seagull B. The earth had given all she had. Till she became worned out Now he once again ploughs her the Autumn. Exploited, her cover removed her infants they … Continue reading

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Watch “The Actual ’73 Giving Tree Movie Spoken By Shel Silverstein” on YouTube

Happy birthday Shel Silverstein writer of “the given tree”! In this beautiful short animation film Shel Silverstein reads the story himself. Notice the giving tree is a “she”!!! A good book to read before going to bed. Though i prefered … Continue reading

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