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Daily Patanjali Yoga sutras :Day three

“Misapprehension leads to errors in comprehension of the character,origin and effects of the objects perceived” What at one time may appear to be beneficial may turn out to be a problem at a later stagr. What we seek as a … Continue reading

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“The earth”-translated

A poem by the poet Nathan Yonathan. Translated from Hebrew  by Seagull B. The earth had given all she had. Till she became worned out Now he once again ploughs her the Autumn. Exploited, her cover removed her infants they … Continue reading

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Watch “The Actual ’73 Giving Tree Movie Spoken By Shel Silverstein” on YouTube

Happy birthday Shel Silverstein writer of “the given tree”! In this beautiful short animation film Shel Silverstein reads the story himself. Notice the giving tree is a “she”!!! A good book to read before going to bed. Though i prefered … Continue reading

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Watch “Emergency: first aid with special hedgehog milk at hoglets one day” on YouTube

Impor tant to consult a hedgehog rescue center. The wrong food can kill them! Posted from WordPress for Android

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Watch “Elephant Baby-Mother love will make U cry” on YouTube

what wonderful beings! That baby elephant is precious the mother incredible. I wish all elephants would have a happy long life! How we treat animals is how we treat humans too. Wonderful work of the elephant foundation! Anyone who hurts … Continue reading

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watching the river

Words hangining in the air not able to dare to form a sentence, where, are, you, now, why, did, you, leave? Question marks, punctuation marks, and nothing said, a water bird stands the head held high in the evening air, … Continue reading

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what we are here for

we are here to hear a call a need, otherwise, we are not here at all after all. This is why we are here; to come very near. Now, is that clear?

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