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Tibetian tibits

Do not be like grass on a mountain bending with each wind, Warns the Tibetian teacher, be like the grass says the American poet, listen to the grass says the Rabbi, lay on the grass, says the biblical poet king, … Continue reading

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The secret life of pets

Irony You spend a pet less evening in the reduced price Monday night cinema. The nearest cinema offers few choices in English An action film celebrating violence is not what the yogi mind needs so the other option if you … Continue reading

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what we are here for

we are here to hear a call a need, otherwise, we are not here at all after all. This is why we are here; to come very near. Now, is that clear?

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In lieu of a better explaination

A scorpion once asked a¬† sea turtle to give it a ride across the great ocean. “But you will surely sting me and i will die” the turtle rejected¬† the request. However the scorpion had insisted it will behave and … Continue reading

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