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psychopaths of the past

  The path of my life has been paved with psychopaths; most of them are not criminals. Yes, they were my friends, but before they were my friends they were my family, deceitful, shallow, out for what they can get … Continue reading

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the people

the people  you think  you need to tell  how you feel,  can not hear you,  and the people who can hear  you ,  can not know  anything else  but now that is how  you know  the people who have been … Continue reading

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Watch “Who does control the world? – Noam Chomsky” on YouTube

There was a time i would not be giving him one minute ,now i am all ears,i want to understand the mess and the violence of the manipulated masses. I jumped when he mentioned Israel and the so called occupied … Continue reading

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what would you do ?

Dedicated to Donald Trump and men like him  upon losing the presidential elections.  He’s sitting THERE, where  he said he would be ; ugly, very ugly, old , very old  and very unaware  like a dried out onion,  but it … Continue reading

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Seeking a child free seat ,using nonverbal cues i ask the man reading the paper to remove his bagpack so i can sit down with the dog in a bag,as required by the swiss train service. The man’e eyes when … Continue reading

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an open letter to all those women

An open letter to all those women who bring crying babies to  places where i go to write.  I don’t know whether the baby cries before you come in for your latte or after but just stay home, watch Sesame street … Continue reading

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out of the darkness

“How many jewish mothers does it take to change a light bulb? None. It’s alright. I’ll just sit in the dark.”    – A jewish mother joke only i can tell.. This morning as i was getting out of bed,placing … Continue reading

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