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a letter to a child in divorce distress

Dear child,  Those  stories about  step parents abandoning their children in the  snow filled woods  , the mean step mother  that hands your poison apples turn out to be  true  after all but then  your own family can abandone you … Continue reading

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marrying a male Medea:the dire consequences

Medea did not mind  who got hurt  as long as she got revenge which meant basically  causing pain as a daily refrain. Medea saw only “me “ in the refrain of what life  once shared turned out to be; oh … Continue reading

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Son shine saying goodbye

What an amazing surprise! Son shine got up EARLY  to say goodbe at the airport and wish me a good flight! What a wonderful surprise! Posted from WordPress for Android

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women like me

women like me  will always think  they know how to take care  of children better  than women not like me,  will always think  they know better  how to comfort a crying baby  or how to cure like magic  a restless … Continue reading

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the farmer’s dog and her son

The farmer’s dog and her son stand guard. Born in  early spring , end of winter he is now the main guard. The farmer’s dog rolls on her back in the grass while her son takes a short time to … Continue reading

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Meandering thoughts about mothering

“MOTHER,I had you but you never had me.”    -John lennon Trigger:An horrific case where a German mother living in East Switzerland  had exploited her son ,i do not want to recapture the details offered by the media,but the worst … Continue reading

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His name was Morris,he was named after Morris the cat,a well known ginger cat on tv commercials for cat food. Morris was a large heavy orange cat a.k.a ginger haired ,he was 10.or 11 years old. Morris was the cat … Continue reading

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