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the farmer’s dog and her son

The farmer’s dog and her son stand guard. Born in  early spring , end of winter he is now the main guard. The farmer’s dog rolls on her back in the grass while her son takes a short time to … Continue reading

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The girl with the pink headscarf

shellbee and oscar at a dog watering hole . About a week ago a young girl wearing a bright pink headscarf was all excited about meeting my dog. I was sitting in the book shop at the shopping center reading … Continue reading

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Flu:week two -a day after 9.11

As the flu takes me on a magical bed ride into its second week ,i reflect upon life; the beautiful  walks in nature i have missed, the visitors who never arrived, the dog who was supposed to ,according to various … Continue reading

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what do dogs do when you have the flu?

True story! Dog: Walk me feed me walk me feed me. you are not dead yet? are you ? Are you dead? come on walk me feed me. human: ………………… oh no!she has a TICK on her face!!!!! jumping out … Continue reading

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Google+ post by Mitch Wagner To all those who grew up on Lassie legends: A wake up call! No,they will probobly not save us from a burning building, drag us to dry land during a flood , wake us up when  there is an … Continue reading

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The secret life of pets

Irony You spend a pet less evening in the reduced price Monday night cinema. The nearest cinema offers few choices in English An action film celebrating violence is not what the yogi mind needs so the other option if you … Continue reading

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love story:Shellbee and shakey

A chance meeting? karma? same age she is red and white he is white and red She is she he is he complimentary! Posted from WordPress for Android

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