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just because you are a jew Jared kushner…

Racism is not only discrimination against,  it is also discrimination for appointing certain people just because they were born jewish.  It might come as a shocking surprise but not all jews are a like, actually there is quite a diversity in … Continue reading

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Watch “Rabbi Benzion Klatzko: Can Jews Missionize to the Gentile?” on YouTube

Words glossary: Hashem-The name-G-d ‘s name in Jewish sources and conversations. Chesed-grace Goy-nonjew Yid-jew(not always a nice term.) Moshe rabenu-Moses our teacher Chocham-wisemam or elder Maarat hamichpala-the cave where the Abrahamic fathers and mothers are buried in Hevron. Kiddush hashem-blessing … Continue reading

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Watch “Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker (Audio)” on YouTube

Just in time for the day of atonment Yom Kippur and my  electricity black out!!! Posted from WordPress for Android

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Watch “Swami Niranjanananda on “Sivananda Yoga” – ‘Serve Love Give'” on YouTube

My seeker path had let me to the teachings of swami sivananda and i had often enjoyed the talks given by teachers and benefitted from the patience and kindness. Although i am a certified sivananda yoga teacher and very content … Continue reading

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my questions

What are the questions Rilke recommended to love? what is my role here and what is that of the one above? when will hate cease when will  love learn its way to unfreeze the path towards the heart? Posted from … Continue reading

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Houston Lawyer Who Opened Fire at Strip Mall Wore Nazi Uniform – Breaking News – Evil brought about humans never fails to surprise, no horror fictional writer could have written such a plot. After so many shootings by people with a Moslem background ,this one seems to send  message of a fascism with a … Continue reading

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The road

“The road to recovery is always under construction “ -Lily Tomlin And i feel that the road towards words is always under revision…i have been doing a lot of that lately. One one hand one must write like a river, flowing unblocked … Continue reading

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