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Blue days,black nights,stars.

“Hello,how are you? Have you been alright through all those lonely,lonely,lonely lonely nights ? That’s what i’d say,i’d tell you everything if you pick up that telephone,yeah,yeah,yeah. Hey,how are you feelin’? Are you still the same,don’t you realize the things … Continue reading

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Still here

It is a watercolor day The sky a pretty pastel blue It is easy to be happy Today. Cloudless we wander Seeking ducks For our bread of redemption Will it be you? The naked trees stand All along the way … Continue reading

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But however and

It was rather upsetting to watch an Arab Palestinian Israeli parliment member/lawyer speak of Jewish violence in Israel towards the Palestinian people in Amsterdam in a  Kristalnacht memorial  ceremony when violence against nonviolent people occured thanks to incitement. All i … Continue reading

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New Glasses in Germany

While waiting in Germany For my reading glasses To be ready, I sketch a poster Advocating The joy of glasses But the joy i see Comes  much later As i read a book Of European history Which takes away Some … Continue reading

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Like Sheep to slaughter -the metaphor and reality

“For the farm animals every day is Awschwitz and Trablinka”       -Yizhak Beshevis Singer Nobel prize winner for literature Writes about the Jewish life in Poland before WW2 Will the holocaust ever leave me alone? The day before Yom Kippur … Continue reading

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What are they fighting for?

The Jewish new year It is also the Moslem holiday of pilgrimage to Mecca The holiest site in Islam religion is in saudi Arabia . According to the Islam,the religion of peace,Islam means peace Every Moslem must make a pilgrimage … Continue reading

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Tikun is a Jewish term for making amends. It is used in mystical spiritual discussion of what happens to a soul as it goes through reincarnation. Some claim the soul returns to earth to fix or repair the past misdeeds … Continue reading

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