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L’Oiseau Et l’Enfant

L’oiseau et l’enfant Comme un enfant aux yeux de lumière Qui voit passer au loin les oiseaux Comme I’oiseau bleu survolant la terre Vois comme le monde, le monde est beau. Beau le bateau dansant sur les vogues, Ivre de … Continue reading

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Watch “Leonard Cohen’s Prince Of Asturias Speech – No Overdubbing” on YouTube

Not only plays guitar,sings,writes but also tells a story beautifully. This  goes together with the song he wrote based on a poem by Lorca.”Take this waltz” Equisite. Posted from WordPress for Android

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‘Todah rabah, Shimon’: Obama offers passionate farewell to Peres – Arutz Sheva Paulo Cohelo shared a story he had heard from simon Peres at Davos Economic Forum at Davos, the winner of the Nobel prize for peace,Simon Peres,told the following story. A Rabbi gathered together his students and asked them: “How … Continue reading

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Hello, Royal Dutch , are you there ?

One day, during the days there used to telephone ringing,  the telephone rang. Brrr brrr R.D.E*: “Hello, this is the royal Dutch embassy calling” Me: Hello, yes. R.D.E.: We are calling because we have a request for  Dutch Identity cards and … Continue reading

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The fat girl  always sat at the back,got lousy grades,next to Liora whose mustache was bleached yellow by her father,the Bagdad beautician  who served Tel Aviv’s first famous transgender,a former soccer player who walked around the city public gardens with … Continue reading

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Watch “vallerie-sunset” on YouTube

I love Amy Winehouse ‘s songs she wrote most of them by herself and her voice was a wonderous mixture of pain and joy. when Amy  left this world i was in a reggea music festival by the lake. “we … Continue reading

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Biblical bubbles

He said that men were taking advantage of her but it was in a caring concerned tone of voice and he did not realise that she has this sensibility , this ability to decipher when people are saying words that are true … Continue reading

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The swiss national day in Germany

She picked up the girl in her car driving her to buy food at a local gas station. The girl said she was tired from having spent the day paddling on the lake. The grandmother handed her money. 100 franks … Continue reading

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Cats on the run

If cats had to flee  like a refugee,  how many homes  would open up  their doors, how many people  would cry against the wars?! What happens to all those family pets when their families have to run and flee wars … Continue reading

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A Quote to keep

“From my experience,when someone is trying very hard to get something,they don’t.And when tbey’re running away from something as hard aa they can,it usually catches up with them.I’m generalizing of course.”     -“Kafka on the shore” -Haruki Murakami. There were … Continue reading

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