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Siberian supper

The Russian-Ukranian roots dictate: Snow=Broscht  A  nice Borscht soup for supper (Some may add cream) A quick easy Recipie for the busy /lazy or both  :  of course you are welcome to buy the beet, peel,  dice it  to cubes and cook … Continue reading

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a prayer song

and then the acorn seeks to grow  somehow and turns to what it believes to know, created everything even the doubts in everything we know.

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seagull spilling

This morning a pigeon was flying around the coffee shop, banging into window, unable to find  the way out, ( is there a metaphor in this for me?) I  had tried to chase the pigeon out and it finally had  managed to fly  out, … Continue reading

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Tamara’s Tel Aviv “coolest” place

December-frozen yogurt with lots and lots of fruit ;i love sugared pecans,granatapple,kiwi ,strawberries and dark chocolate! It ‘s “only”20 degrees celcius but COOL to sit in a swing and eat coconut yogurt with fresh fruit and watch people and cars … Continue reading

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The ressurection

The beetle lay on its back Seemingly dead for a long time When it all of the sudden came to life flipped on its back and looked very much alive! I helped it fly out the window. A beautiful water … Continue reading

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Can’t you see I’m trying to be All that you want of me But it’s so cold now It’s so dark here What could I do It’s not very clear Chorus Shine a little light Show us the way Lead … Continue reading

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Watch “Paul Simon – Slip slidin’ away” on YouTube

Paul Simon did not sing this song last week in his concert here but it is perhaps one of his songs with the strongest message of hope amidst despair,yes ,we slip slide away but we continue to try anyway and … Continue reading

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