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He’s here ,he’s there ,he’s everywhere

“Each of us has his own way of emerging from the underworld. Mine is writing. That’s why the only way i can keep going, if at all, is through writing, not through rest or sleep . ” -Kafka on writing … Continue reading

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Lover-translated and original

Lover by Shlomit Naim Naor Translated from Hebrew to English by me “there was no need to cut my body into twelve parts and to write the sender’s  address .   I thought about it and it is rather  dreary … Continue reading

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Eylon’s poem

Translated from Hebrew by me Written by Eylon Elyashiv A train towards infinity to arrive and another station And at the end Where? The view  passes quickly One moment you look And another view And a station,for a moment And … Continue reading

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“The earth”-translated

A poem by the poet Nathan Yonathan. Translated from Hebrew  by Seagull B. The earth had given all she had. Till she became worned out Now he once again ploughs her the Autumn. Exploited, her cover removed her infants they … Continue reading

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Travelling with Rilke on the train

“Rilke is the hardest to locate in a place.He was born a year before Robert Frost in 1875,a little too soon to be a young modernist .very different style .The house where he had lived in Prague as a child  … Continue reading

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Rilke on a rainy day

Herbsttag Herr: es ist Zeit.Der Sommer war sehr gross. Leg deinen schatten auf die Sonnenuhren, und auf den Fluren lass die Winde los.    Befiehl den letzten Früchten voll zu sein; gib ihnen noch zwei südlichere Tage, dränge sie zur Vollendung … Continue reading

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When Is an Orange More Than an Orange? – Poem of the Week – Haaretz

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