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accepting rejections

life offers you pretty packages wrapped with what seems to be silk ribbons then tells you; “you can’t have this” later, much later, whatever does not want you seems more attractive, more beautiful. shining in a thousand rays of a … Continue reading

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Home on the range

“Oh,give me a home Where the buffalo roams And the deer and the antelope play, Where seldom is heard A discouraging word And the skies are not cloudy All day.”   – “Home on the range.” As the rain falls.. … Continue reading

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Watch “George Harrison ~ Give Me Love” on YouTube

Pray/say this three times a day and you will find that you will receive what you truly wish for, whatever it is you have in your heart and mind but perhaps not in the form you expected.

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Six thoughts about Tisha be Av

Hearing yet another detailed distortion of the story of zionism it seems to me that easy to digest accounts attempting to describe the true motivation of zionism and modern Israel can not do justice to the miraculous return of the … Continue reading

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butterflies from John

To John Keats To know that you had lived  and breathed  and walked the same earth  though separated by time of birth  it gives me reason to believe in the lives of butterflies  you and i  are  living intense lives  short … Continue reading

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You never walk alone:religion?

“You never walk alone”says a father from  Belgium in an investigative documentary produced by an Arab speaking Israeli journalist documenting the mission of a father searching for his son who travelled to Syria to join ISIS. I too was on … Continue reading

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feeling a little Hillary rising in me

“I know your eyes in the morning sun I feel you though me in the pouring rain and the moment that you wonder far from me i want to feel you in my arms again and you come to me … Continue reading

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