The Bus

bumping along

The traffic jams

Jamming away

and in your heart

A dark black hole

Asking for more

And more and more

Something to fill

the empty space


Somewhere to hide

the pain eating you

from that dark empty numb space


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Samuel B.Cat eats Beigale

Samuel B. Cat chews on me and bites me and so i found a solution to the problem by giving him hard Israeli pretzels calked beigale.

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SA among the top 10 sexiest nations in the world

sorry but it seems to me the term” sexy nation “-can be very misleading .

Canadians sexy?really?!

The little contact I have had with Canadians I found them dull and a was mixture of Americans without the joy of life culture and movie industry .Sure they have Leonard Cohen AND Jonie Mitchell but NUMBER 10?

UKrainians may be number one if sexy means desperate pencil thin women and alcoholic men ..I thought my ancestors were from Ukraine then my heritage placed my paternal great great grandfather in Lithuania …way at the bottom in terms of sexy nation.

Ok;here is my take on sexy nation -those are nations that inspire the image as easy going attractiveness ,someone a traveller can imagine staying for and so here is my list based on real live encounters while travelling though not intimate connections .

Most sexy nations :











When I was a teenager in New York i woud hear this little street poem

“Black is beautiful

Brown is hip

yellow is getting there

But white aint shit

In terms of sexy I think African people must be at the top of any list.

I find most Anglosaxons lacking this immediate attractiveness so out go the Canadians ,Australians but I am very fond of Celtic people -the Irish and Scottish are charmers .

As I said my statistics is not based on experience since I only dated Israeli and married a Dutch man -conservative white west European-NOT especially thrilling but as I watch the Ethiopians who now joined the Israeli tribe I find them very attractive and if I were young I would consider them worthy of a spin but as I am in the sexy mind sphere I would say I prefer to define sexy as healthy and again African people would be the top of the list but not South Africans whites .The accent is nice but not the racist background of white settlers in Africa .

Brazilian? They look good but too much drama .

Philippines are very nice people but Thai are far more attractive physically in my opinion.

There should be an Asian representative and division to male and female .

Indian women are the most attractive in my opinion and carribean men like Bob Marley.

What is your top10 sexy nation list ?

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Waking up

Counting blessings

Letting go of curses

If anyone does not like me

then I don’t need to know


You can’t make people like you

But you can not live lies

And prefer to see

than to turn a blind eye

Today can be a great day

Even if you don’t go


But stay


Your mind

Cleaning up

the negativity

And stay

With hope

Things will improve

And you will live

A better life

Work harder

Live better

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Samuel B. Cat makes himself useful around the house

Tonight as I returned from the nightly dog walk I discovered a rather gruesome talent that two months kitten Sam possesses ;he was munching on an insect …unfortunately it was in bed but still he did make himself useful and caught an insect Israel is known for its huge cockroaches and this one was a rather small one and yet I was impressed .That cat definitely WANTS to stay and is taking on a useful role in insect control .

All those people bemoaning street cats in Tel Aviv sgould realize theur role in pest control and with the world breaking amount of trash produced and too often spilling over dumped on the street lets out in a good word for our mysterious furry friends the cats!

Look mommy! The proud kitten brings me insect offering after offering and i have mixed feelings ;disgusted and yet glad the insects are unable to invade our shared space .

Thank you universe for bringing this miniature insect control tiger into my life !

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Watch “Inside an Ancient Crusader Castle in Akko, Israel” on YouTube

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Time out from cats:in a nutshell

So i dragged myself away from toe biting kitten Sam and attended the weekly Sabbath lesson at a small Lubbavitzers center near by.

I have made the lessons a habit since I find I do need some tips on how to survive a mad world and how to learn from the ancient wisdom of my ancestors especially after my mother waged a war on the Jewish religion having grown up moderate orthodox and my father’s side were Rabbis till they got to the land of Israel and realized that raising goats and oranges was better suitable for the ADHD clearly prevalent in our family because rabbis can get away from not paying attention by talking a lot and hoping not everyone is listening .

the Rabbi spoke of a young woman who went to various psychologists because she was too selfish and no one wanted her near and she wanted to get married .

The young woman paid 300 dollars an hour to psychologist after psychologist but to no avail then someone arranged for her to meet with the Rabbi of Lubbavitz ,who told her to start helping out at meals,removing things from the table and she started to do that and the more she began to help the more she discovered she actually liked helping .

Instead of an “and they lived happily ever after” in the fairy tales ,the Rabbi concluded with “and she had a lot of children”

However i am all for the behaviorist approach ;thd yogis always soeak of good habits !

So start doing good deeds for others AND for yourself and actually the inner maiden aunt feminist in me says ,it is ok to be a crazy cat lady too but then you have to change religions to some Buddhist sect that doesn’t mind how many children you have And that you get married ideally one time but according to orthodox Judaism ,your happily ever after is a lot of children and someone who co produces .

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