Mother India

This afternoon I spoke to a Yogi about India ,he had only praise and then I read an article about an organization in India “Paranjvalla “that tries to save children frkm human trafficing .

Every ten minutes a human being is sold into the sex trafficing industry in India !45%of those sold are children !

Little girls in rural India are especially vulnerable ;a girl by the age of 4 or 5 will go through several buyers for 8 to 10 dollars .

Organized crime is difficult to deal with .

The brave head of this organization speaks of the terrible violence against the children and she herself has been attacked since she attempts to save children. The youngest child she saved was there years old !

How can it be that I did with all its wonders and wisdom ?

The world is full of absurdities but I for one am not in a hurry to visit India but agree with the director of the program that the source of problems is legitimizing sex for money .

It human beings are reduced to commodities ,what will happen to human dignity ?

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Teaching yoga to kids in the middle East

On a very hot middle Eastern summer day I made my way during mid day beneath a burning sun towards an unknown kindergarden carrying a large bag with a thick yoga mat ,a brand new Tibetian bowel ,a ball with light ,a toy dolphin, a water watch made up of two plastic bottles ,a portable loudspeaker ,my mobile phone would provide quite classical music  ,cardboard drawings of animal yoga postures ,lessons plans I had learned during my Sivananda yoga for children course and hope.

I had arrived at a kindergarden at a rather poor area of the city of Tel Aviv  .Religious men dressed in white shirts and black pants wearing skullcaps walked along the streets and women in skirts with head scarves covering their heads pushed baby carriages with several  very young children holding on .

There would be no yoga mats or blankets or even a carpet for the children but it was a hot day in Summer and so i decided to have the children take off sandals and sport shoes and sit on the floor .

I arrived an hour early as my teacher recommended to do and proceeded to go over the various possibilities choosing an introduction ,a game ,a warm up activity and then teaching the yoga postures as represented by animals using arms to create elephant trunks and arms and leggs made leaping  frogs and dogs and cats and butterflies and flowers .

i taught the children the importance of posture in order to breathe better by sitting straight and how to relax laying on their stomachs as I got the Tibetuan bowel on their backs sending its vibrations of Om.

The children were five to six year olds crowded together but all wanted to have me place the Tibetian bowel on their backs ,they loved being butterflies and frogs and dogs and learning to listen to the  Om sound of the Tibetian bowel  vibrate and listen to  how long it continued.

I might never pass their way again ,I was asked to give classes during kindergardeny summer vacation  camp hours but I was sure as I led them through guided imagery of colors ,the colors of the chakras,painting their feet red ,their leggs orange , their stomachs yellow,their hearts green ,their backs blue ,their Chins and foreheads purple and foreheads white that later when I leave and they will draw a little boy  or girl and color their body parts  they will be aware of how their bodies can relax through breathing and moving .

The methods developed by my teacher Guy Dekel,a Sivananda trained teacher and other Yoga teachers were revolutionary in a world where yoga had been taught to children like adults previously but now we had a program how to teach children and even without a yoga mat laying on their stomachs or sitting or standing the children could practice the classic yoga postures and they loved every classic yoga posture the Yoga masters had developed thousands of years ago.

The children practiced inhaling by smelling an imaginary flower created by the fingers of one hand  and exhaling by blowing out an imaginary birthday candle using their pointing finger on their other hand.

The lively rumbuxious children had followed my instructions and gone through the yoga postures only struggling with the turtle where they had to tuck their hands beneath their crossed leggs .

  • I came hesitant unsure and left empowered by the light of yoga and felt the Sivananda spring of positivity peace love and light permeate even when Israel had its Southern border under an attack of terror fires and the Northern border threatened by Syrian and Iranian military actions sending thousands of refugees to wander homeless as a result of violent attacks by their own regime .

The children would take these yoga lessons with them ,the colors and visions of the art and science of Yoga ,a gift from mother India which would hopefully teach the children they don’t need anything from the outside in order to control their emotions or actions but learn to listen to their hearts and eternal souls and be guided by the light of yoga from within ,focusing on the eternal soul rather than the passing sensory stimuli from outside .Learning to sharpen their listening skills their focus point moving inwards towards inner peace and one day hopefully outwards peace .

Om shalom !

Peace light and love !

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I want to tell you

I want to tell you

So much

About the missing touch

I don’t like the casual caress

that could also mean

I could not care less .

I feel tired and overwhelmed

Not listened to ,

and finding it difficult

to explain

in short messages

On mobile phones


i did not connect

to what you had to say

the other day

Mostly vulgar words

and focused on what

othere can do for you

and money

lots of talk about money

and I recalled that t shirt

in Thailand

“No money

No honey ”

And I am tired of being

the honey jar

and I am tired of being

a bee

and I am tired of

healing others

when I need

someone to heal


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Maybe I was wrong

Maybe I was wrong

and maybe I was right

But it was worth while

taking the time

to find out

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Watch “Shosha discusses kindergartens in Israel” on YouTube

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Watch “Shellbee thoughts

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we want to believe

we want to believe 

we are so much better

than the other side

over the border

but are we ?

We want to tell ourselves

and the world

how good and kind

and better we are

but are we?

We want to declare

we are the best

we have been CHOSEN

by God for this role,

but how come

we find it so difficult

to choose


as our goal ?

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