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Watch “She – Charles Aznavour” on YouTube

For Hillary whose victory will be for  both women AND men released of prejudgements And whose loss will be a great loss of an opportunity to prove what women can be and do .

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Watch “Aarau art event 30.4.16 -Paper, pencil, caffeine group meeting” on YouTube

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Watch “21 shades of shellbee – celebrating 11th spring on earth!” on YouTube

Everything that’s true is you Happy 11 th birth day shellbee!!!

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A song poem for someone special

A song poem for my dog shellbee On her 11th spring on earth Everythig that’s true Is you, Everything that’s real And good Is you. Everything that’s love Is you And everything that’s love Is true. Everything that’s true is … Continue reading

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Watch “ANNA RF – On the way to you” on YouTube

“You should always laugh And life will smile to you”

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Watch “ANNA RF – Raining in the desert” on YouTube

Middle eastern joy!

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“The high mountains of Portugal”-only thinkers need apply !

“The high mountains of Portugal”  By Yann Martel Three Journeys, three broken hearts, one question..  “Finally  it is Tomas who speaks. “Let me tell you why I’m travelling. It’s been a difficult journey so far. I’m searching for a lost … Continue reading

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